Hemp Health Scotland

Hemp is a plant with a multitude of benefits – one of those being for health and wellbeing. As a natural food supplement hemp has many known benefits for all mammals – making it the most healthy, nutritious and beneficial plant on earth.

A little over 25 years ago science discovered that the hemp/cannabis plant produces chemical compounds – called cannabinoids – that are very similar in their construction and function to chemical compounds that are naturally produced by all mammals. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids that the plant naturally produces.

The chemical compounds in mammals are called endo-cannabinoids. Endo is a prefix for endogenous, meaning ‘originating from within an organism’. In the hemp/cannabis plant the chemical compounds have been called phyto-cannabinoids. Phyto is a prefix for phyto-geography, meaning ‘relating to a plant’.

The system in the mammal body that produces these chemical compounds has been called the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS consists of a network of inter-connected receptors throughout a mammal body that proliferate in the central nervous system in the brain and the peripheral nervous system in the spine. The ECS is an internal and external system – it’s all over your skin as well as throughout your whole body.

The ECS exists to regulate homeostatic function. In other words, the ECS exists to assist the other eleven systems in the mammal body to seek out and maintain balance/optimal health.

Research into the many chemical compounds – cannabinoids – produced by the hemp plant that are beneficial to mammals is on-going and at an early stage. This is a journey of learning and discovery for everyone.