Your ‘endocannabinoid system’ plays an integral role in your body’s ability to achieve homeostasis. What that means for your well-being?

Homeostasis is the process of bodily self-regulation, where biological systems maintain internal stability and adjust to deal with external conditions to ensure optimum survival. Our body is a delicate ecosystem of chemicals, fluids, processes, and signals that keeps us functioning as we do. If homeostasis functions well then life continues; otherwise dis-ease or death will occur. If our internal balance is disrupted beyond repair our body cannot function effectively and so we become unwell.

We often refer to homeostasis as a ‘happy medium’, our body systems work to achieve a state of equilibrium, which is a balance that resists outside influences. So when there is an environmental change (internally or externally), our bodies prompt a regulatory response into action to achieve a new balance. These changes in the body are achieved through the nervous system, hormonal systems, and the activation/deactivation of cannabinoid receptors.