A wee selection of the many wonderful messages we get from our happy customers …

A ‘no brainer’
“I don’t have any specific ailments, but I attended a Hemp Health presentation. One statement stood out: a doctor of bio-chemistry stated – ‘hemp is an anti-aging nutrient and essential for optimal health’. That made it a ‘no brainer’. I’ve been taking two Kama Hemp capsules every day ever since.”

Toni, East Lothian – October 2021

No more skin rash

“I recently broke out in the most horrific rash on my skin. I was waking-up in the middle of the night scratching myself until I was red raw. Nothing worked – until I tried the hemp paste and skin balm. WOW! Highly recommend to everyone with itchy skin. No more.”

Elaine, Edinburgh – July 2021

Off medication
“I was interested in trying CBD to help my daughter with mood, and decided to try it first myself to see what effects it might have. Hemp Health are so knowledgeable about the products and can answer any questions you might have. I started taking the Kama Hemp CBDa capsules, one a day and felt better than I had in years. So much so I reduced and finally came off medication for anxiety after 8 years of taking it. I’m so much happier and calmer and delighted I decided to give it a try.”

Shirley, East Lothian – November 2020

Whole family benefits – including animal companions

“Our family have been using Hemp Health products for the last 10 months. The CBD capsules helped my daughter to lower stress levels during her final year at University. Our pony has a scab type skin problem and Hemp Health skin balm has been the only product to really improve the condition. Our elderly dog is on CBD capsules for her arthritic hip condition. Her back-end had been collapsing intermittently over last 12-18 months and since putting her on CBD 3 months ago she has not collapsed once in the last 10 weeks. Whole family use the skin balm and love it. Highly recommend these products. Thank you.”

Kara, Midlothian – July 2020

Knowledgeable staff and great selection
“I’ve been using hemp CBD 1000mg paste for about 2 years and hemp tea for almost a year now and the results are impressive. They have helped a lot with my Hashimoto autoimmune disease symptoms by reducing anxiety levels and muscle pain, and by improving my overall sleep and quality of life. Thanks again.”

Stella, Edinburgh – May 2020

Don’t knock it till you try it

“Excellent result for my arthritic 15 year old Staffie, now walking a wee bit further and even getting into a sprint! Also tried some on a friend’s sore shoulder and he was so impressed he bought a bottle! Hemp Health know their stuff. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

Jeanette, East Lothian – May 2020

No pain with CBD

“CBD oil is great. I’ve been in horrendous pain at times and ‘hey-ho’ no pain with daily CBD. Thank you Hemp Health.”

Annmarie, Midlothian – April 2020

Fantastic quality

“Fantastic quality product which has helped family members with ailments such as severe back and knee pain, and has also given our dog relief from joint pain. Hemp Health are extremely knowledgeable and provide a great service to their customers. Five stars!”

Jayne, Borders – April 2020

Highly effective

“I fell and hurt my shoulder and decided to give CBD a try to relieve the pain. Within a couple of days I was feeling the benefit of it. Since taking it I am also getting the best sleep I have had for a long time.”

Isobel, East Lothian – March 2020

Massive difference

“Really wasn’t sure about trying CBD, but noticed a massive difference within myself in the first few days.”

Russell, East Lothian – December 2019

No doubt once you try it

“Hemp Health are really knowledgeable and helpful when I asked for more info about CBD oil and using it to treat inflammation. I have since bought and have been using the lowest strength (Loveburgh 250mg) and have noticed massively reduced pain. I was doubtful about it at first but am very glad I gave it a go.”

Abigail, East Lothian – July 2019

Best help ever

“As an MS sufferer I can 100% say this has helped me more than ANY of the pharma drugs they pump into my body.”

Jo, West Lothian – July 2019

Life changing

“Thanks to Hemp Health and Beetroot Sauvage for the recent talk on CBD followed by the delicious 3 course meal, beautifully prepared with CBD in every course. Only a week ago I tried CBD for the first time and the results have been noticeable and life changing. I bought the full spectrum CBD paste and started taking it once a day. After only a week my left thumb joint which was permanently sore and swollen for over 6 months is 95% OK again – no swelling and 95 % pain free. I’m stunned. If this is the result on what I can see, just think what it’s doing where I can’t see inside my body.”

Annie, Edinburgh – June 2019

Reducing anxiety

“My gratitude to Hemp Health for introducing me to the goodness of hemp products. I’ve been using CBD oil, hemp powder, and hemp tea, for almost a year now. I find them really effective in reducing anxiety levels and helpful in restoring overall balance. I found CBD oil far more efficient than calming pills. Its calming effect can be felt within 15 mins after intake and it never makes one sleepy nor does it reduce one’s ability to focus. Rather it gently quietens the mind instead, so it can be used both when being active during the day and before going to sleep. There is natural wisdom in this plant yet to be appreciated.”

Pawel, Edinburgh – June 2019


“I’ve been using Loveburgh 600mg CBD oil for two months now and it’s cleared up my sciatica and prevented further flare ups. Hemp Health are very knowledgeable on hemp products and helped me pick the right product. Recommended.”

Robin, Edinburgh – July 2018

Keeps me balanced

“I have been using Loveburgh 420mg CBD oil for a few months now.Within a week or so I started to feel its benefits. It has kept me centered and keeps me in a place of balance. I highly recommend this quality product from Hemp Health.”

Mandy, Fife – July 2018

Reduced anxiety

“I am using the Loveburgh 600mg CBD oil for almost 3 months now and I still can’t believe how great it is. It has helped me enormously in reducing my anxiety levels, and feel so much more calm.”

Grigorious, Perth – July 2018